Leading Hydraulic Specialists

Yuken has focused on hydraulic technology and contributed to industrial development for more than 50 years from the early days of the hydraulic industry in Japan. Featuring high power and compactness, hydraulic technology is essential to production machinery, including injection molding machines, machine tools, and steel mill machines, and used in a variety of applications.

To meet diverse market needs, Yuken is always pursuing innovation, e.g. energy saving and cost efficient pumps with rotational speed control as well as high speed linear servo valves with high accuracy and high response. With its global sales network covering rapidly industrializing countries and its international business framework, including production bases, Yuken strives to expand its presence in the global market.

Our History

1929 Uichi Yuki founded Yuki Mfg. Works, an automobile repair shop in Tokyo.
1940 Succeeded in producing hydraulic honing machines. Succeeded in producing hydraulic vane pumps and various types of hydraulic control valves, building up s base as a manufacturer of hydraulic equipment.
1956 Reorganized into Yuken Kogyo Co., Ltd. Capitall:¥6 million.
1960 Built the Fujisawa factory.
1964 Moved the head office to Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture.
1969 Founded Taiwan Hydraulics Mfg. Co., Ltd. (joint venture).
1970 Opened the Research & Development Center and the Sagami factory in Kanagawa Prefecture (current Sagami factory).
1970 Listed its stock on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Capital:¥1.2 billion.
1976 Founded Yuken India Ltd. (joint venture).
1978 Founded Yuken Kogyo (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
1979 Founded Hokuriku Yuken Co., Ltd. (sales company).
1980 Founded Yuken (U.K.) Ltd. in the United Kingdom.
1987 Founded Yuken Service.Co., Ltd.
2001 Founded Yuken Hydraulic (Dongguang) Co., Ltd. in China.
2004 Moved the head office to the Sagami plant. Integrated the Fujisawa factory into the Sagami plant. Built a new factory in Sagami (Head Office and Sagami Plant).
2006 Founded Yuken Hydraulics (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. in China.
2007 Founded Yuken Korea Co., Ltd.
2010 Founded Yuken Kogyo (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
2012 Founded YUKEN SEA CO., LTD. in Thailand.
2013 Founded Yuken Kogyo (Foshan) Co., Ltd.
2019 Founded Yuken North America Corporation.

Products History

1946 Manufactured vane pumps, pressure control valves, flow control valves, directional control valves
1951 Developed 70 bar oil motors and pumps
1954 Developed solenoid operated directional valves. Made first hydraulic power unit
1966 Developed DSG-01, cetop 3 valves
1971 Innovated, developed and introduced proportional technology
Technical Development Award from Japan Oil Hydraulic & Pneumatic Academic Association
1972 Developed 400 bar vane pumps
1975 Developed low noise vane pump
1978 Innovated, developed and introduced K Series Solenoid Directional valves
1979 Developed A Series variable piston pumps
1981 Developed Rubber Pad Forming Presses
Award from The Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry Awards
1982 Developed servo valve technology
1983 Developed DSLHG series multi poppet solenoid valves
1986 Innovated, developed and introduced Proportional on board technology
Award from The Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry Awards
1987 Developed low current signal solenoid directional valves. Developed high pressure, high flow DSG-03
1988 Developed AR series piston pumps
1989 Innovated, developed and introduced G-series shockless valves with adjustable ramp times
1994 Developed Kiriko metal chip compacting presses
2001 Innovated, developed and introduced LSVG/LSVHG servo valves. 2ms response, dirt tolerant. Size to cetop 10
2001 Developed intelligent hydraulic  servo drive packs
2004 Developed high pressure, high flow,  low pressure drop DSG-01
2008 Innovated, developed and introduced servo drive motor pumps sets. ASR, ASE. Energy saving, rapid response
2010 Developed on board control for servo valves
Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. Excellent Product Award
2013 Developed A3HG piston pumps. High pressure, high speed, high flow, high efficiency
2014 Developed range of high response  proportional valves – ELDF(H)G. Servo valves response times, dirt tolerant
2015 Developed range of on board controls for ELDF(H)G. Size upto cetop 10
2017 Developed A3HM range of pumps