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Proportional Valves (OBE)

  • Proportional relief valves
    Pilot relief and relief valves control the system pressure proportionally, through a controlled input voltage and have an amplifier and pressure sensors integrated into the controls. They are available in D03, D05, D08, and D10 mounting patterns. Max pressure is 24.5Mpa (3,550 psi). Max flow rate up to 400 L/min (106 gpm). 
  • Proportional reducing valves
    The EHRBG series valve is a high performance electro-hydraulic proportional pilot relief valve and reducing valve with relief function. These valves control system pressure proportionally through a controlled input voltage. A good response speed in reducing the pressure, even at a large load capacity, can be obtained with the relief function of the valves. 
  • Proportional pressure control valves
    The SB1110/SB1190 series valves are closed-loop type pressure control valves which control system pressure from low to high in proportion to the input voltage. The stable pressure control can be done even at a small flow rate. 
  • Proportional flow control valves
    The EHF(C)G valve can control the system flow rate remotely as desired by regulating input voltage. Since pressure and temperature compensation functions are provided, the preselected flow rate is not affected by pressure (load) or temperature (fluid viscosity). 
  • Proportional flow control and relief valves
    The EHFBG series valves are proportional electro-hydraulic flow control valves having functions for controlling the direct electric current of meter-in type and for pressure control. They are energy-saving valves for supplying the minimum pressure and flow required to operate actuators. 
  • Proportional flow control and directional valves
    The EL series valves are closed loop, high response type proportional electro-hydraulic directional and flow control valves with OBE (on board electronics). The EHDFG series valves incorporate two control functions - flow and direction - which simplify the hydraulic circuit composition and therefore the cost of the system is reduced.