Product Category

Pressure Controls

  • Relief valves
    A wide variety of relief valves are available. Our direct operated, remote operated, pilot operated, and unloading relief valves are all designed to be reliable and long lasting. The S-BSG series is a low noise, solenoid controlled valve designed for use in no-load pump operations.  
  • Sequence valves
    The H/HC series valves are used as sequence, unloading, counterbalance valves by a assembling way, all of which are operated by a pressure rise in the circuit, sensed either internally or remotely. 
  • Reducing valves
    Pressure reducing valves are used to set the pressure lower than the main hydraulic circuit. Remote control is available by using the remote control port. Pressure reducing and check valves have check valves, which allow a free flow from the secondary side to the primary.