Product Category

Flow Controls

  • Flow control valves
    The FG/FCG series are compensating type flow control valves, designed to maintain a constant flow rate independent of changes in system pressure or temperature. This allows for precise speed control of actuators and with an integral check (FCG series), they allow for a controlled flow and reverse free flow. Repeated resetting can be easily be made with the digital readout. 
  • Flow control and relief valves
    The FBG valves are flow control valves having the functions of metre-in type flow control and pressure control. Inlet pressure is always maintained 0.6 MPa (87 PSI) higher than the load pressure. Moreover, with the temperature compensator, a stable flow control can be made regardless of oil temperature. Setting and repeat setting of flow can be made easily with an adjustment knob having digital scales. 
  • Restrictors
    The SR/SRC valve is used to regulate an actuator speed in a circuit where line pressure is almost steady and small fluctuation of oil flow due to pressure changes is permitted. Integrated check valve allows reversed free flow from outlet to inlet port. Pressure balanced construction provides less effort in adjustment at high pressure. 
  • Throttle modules
    The TC1G/TC2G series valves are used as pilot choke valves for solenoid controlled pilot operated directional valves and pilot operated directional valves. These valves are optional for our DSHG series pilot operated valve to put them between pilot valve and main valve. 
  • Deceleration valves - cam operated
    The Z/ZG series valve can easily increase/decrease flow and open/close hydraulic path in the valve by a cam and used to obtain necessary acceleration or deceleration or stop for table feed process of machine tool etc. When the spool is depressed, the flow is decreased in normal open type valves and increased in normal closed type valves.  
  • Feed control valves
    The UCF1G/UCF2G series valves are the combination of flow control valve, a deceleration valve and a check valve and used mainly for controlling rapid traverse and feed cycles machine tools. Switching from rapid traverse to feed is made by a cam operation, and fine feed control is accomplished by dial rotation regardless of pressure and oil temperature variation. Rapid return is free of cam actuation 
  • Needle valves
    The GCT/GCTR series needle valves are used as stop valves for pressure gauge lines and small-capacity line. This valves can also be used as restrictors for regulating flow rates in pilot lines. The AG series adaptors are used when pressure gauges are attached directly to needle valves