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Directional Controls

  • Solenoid directional valves - D02 size
    The DSG-005 series valves are developed as a "Mini-series". Compact design contributes space savings and wet armature solenoid allows a longer life. DSG-007 series has as same specifications as the 005 series with D02 (ISO 4401-02-01-0-94) mounting pattern.  
  • Solenoid Directional Valves - D03 size
    The DSG-01 series valves are our best sellers. Various types are available, including soft shift, low wattage, and explosion proof valves. Due to the powerful magnetic and spring force of the solenoids, these valves have a high tolerance to contamination with a stable operation 
  • Solenoid directional valves - D05 size
    The DSG-03 series is our D05 (ISO 4401-05-04-0-05) size valve. Like our DSG-01 series, various types are available such as soft shift, low wattage and explosion proof valves. With wet type solenoids, these valves ensure the low noise and the long life, with no leakage to outside of the valve itself. 
  • Pilot operated directional valves with pilot valve
    The DSHG series valves are two (2) stage valves operated by our DSG-01 series pilot valve. Machine energy can be saved since pressure drop of these valves is reduced significantly. Drain pattern (internal or external) can be switched easily by either removing or replacing the plugs installed in the valves. 
  • Pilot operated directional valves
    The DHG series valve is a pilot operated directional valve which changes directions by using a hydraulic pilot to shift the spool.  
  • Solenoid directional valves - shock reduction
    The G-DSG/DSHG series solenoid operated directional valve reduces any shocks that may arise when starting machinery or shifting the spool. These valves feature less pipe leakage and offer more accurate control and improve the reliability of the machinery on which they are used. 
  • Manual directional valves
    The DMT/DMG series are manual directional valve and use a hand lever to change the direction of fluid through a hydraulic system. Various spool configurations are available. Valve sizes are D03, D05, D07, D08, D10. Max. pressure is up to 35MPa ( 5,080psi) 
  • Rotary directional valves - mechanically operated
    The DRT/DRG valves are used to rotate the spool either manually or by way of the cam to shift the direction of oil flow. The detented mechanism incorporated in these valves prevents the valve from being changed over by itself due to vibrations or any other shocks. 
  • Cam operated directional valves
    The DCT/DCG series are directional valves which shift direction to depress the spool by a cam. Valve sizes are D03, D05. Max. pressure is up to 25MPa ( 3,630psi), Flow rate is up to 100 L/min (22gpm) 
  • Poppet type directional valves
    This poppet valve is no leak type and allows low viscosity hydraulic fluids to be used, as well as using a circuit construction which cannot be achieved with a conventional spool type directional valves due to internal leakage. The use of the low viscosity hydraulic fluids reduces the pressure loss, leading to the system energy saving. 
  • Check valves
    In-line, right angle, and pilot operated check valves are available. The CP series check valves allow flow in one direction and prevent flow in the reverse direction, until pilot pressure allows for free reverse flow. A specified cracking pressure is required to open the valve to allow free flow direction. 
  • Prefill valves
    The PI series in-line prefill valves can sandwiched between a cylinder and reservior in a hydraulic system for large presses and injection molding machines, where a high-speed operation is required with a small capacity pump.