Product Category

Piston Pumps

  • AR series - compact and low noise
    The AR series of piston pumps were developed using the design concept of the A series, which are well known for their high efficiency.  The AR series is designed to be more compact, with a reduction in weight and noise levels. 
  • ARL1 series - smallest and lightest
    The ARL1 series of piston pumps are compact, low noise, high efficiency, pressure compensator type piston pumps. They are built on the proven technology and reliability of Yuken's A series/AR series piston pumps. These pumps cover the small displacement range from 6.2 to 16.3 cm3 /rev. 
  • A series - standard - single
    The A series variable displacement piston pumps were developed using Yuken's unique technology to meet our customers' needs for energy efficiency and low noise solutions. These pumps support a wide variety of displacement sizes and control types, and are widely used in various hydraulic systems 
  • A series - standard - double
    The A series of piston pumps offers two (2) double pump options. One is Piston pump + Piston pump combo and the other is Piston pump + Vane pump combo. Driven by one motor, they supply integrated flow to hydraulic system as well as to different circuits separately.
  • A3H series - high pressure
    The A3H Series of variable displacement piston pump offer high pressure, high efficiency, high speed and low noise features. They are suitable for use with construction machinery and various industrial machinery ranging from presses to injection molding machines. 
  • A3HG series - high pressure and thru-drive
    The A3HG series pumps are high pressure variable displacement piston pumps based on our highly reputable “A3H” series of pumps and meet international standards (ISO and SAE). These pumps have a thru-drive options to allow a secondary pump to be mounted on the back.  
  • A3HM series - mobile pump
    The A3HM series pumps are engine driven, high pressure, high rpm pumps which match construction vehicle market requirements. The max. pressure is 35MPa (5,075psi) and the max. shaft speed (rpm) is increased to 3,400r/min (A3HM18) in order to achieve large capacity. A Thru-drive option is also available.