Product Category

Amplifiers for Proportional Valves

  • Direct input amplifiers
    The AME series amplifiers are used with our E series 10 or 40Ω proportional valves. The AME-D2 series can drive two solenoid of 10Ω load simultaneously or separately, and the control can be done in the same way even though it is separated by pressure and flow rate systems. 
  • Direct input amplifiers driven by 24V DC power
    These amplifiers driven by DC24V control pressure and flow proportionally based on given command signal to amplifiers. The SK1015 series amplifier can be used for vehicle or construction machine. 
  • Direct input amplifiers with minor feedback
    These amplifiers is driven by DC24V for high response and high accuracy control. The valves are used to get a feedback to convert valve position difference to electric signal.  
  • Acceleration and deceleration control amplifiers
    The AME series amplifiers are used to control pressure and flow by acceleration & deceleration pattern. Command signal is given by relay contact, limit switch, and timer contact etc. 
  • Slope controllers
    The AMN series slope controller is considerably smaller and lighter compared to conventional slope controllers. 4-bit switching signals allow the pattern output of given levels and acceleration/deceleration times. One-touch disconnection is supported. The mass and the volume have been reduced to 1/5 and 1/4, respectively.